A few years ago while heading to Seattle for some brain surgery I became very interested in all the touring bicycle traffic on the hiways.   Bicycles going East and West heading for who knows where.   I told myself that if I can get through this next big tough event in my life I would take up touring on a bicycle.    Some might argue that the surgery was not successful.   The surgeon did say ” I have some good news for you Mr. Rames,  I did find a brain and you actually might be a little smarter after this”.     Those are all the words I needed to start the next adventure of my life.   Anybody that knows me at all knows that I have done many, many different things in my life.   Some fun, some frustrating, a few expensive and a few  that I still consider part of my life.   Bicycling was given birth in my life about 5 years ago.

Flash ahead to more recently.   I did retire in Sept. of 2014 after a long career in Broadcasting.   In November of 2014 I enrolled in the Professional Bicycle Mechanic and Shop Operation class at United Bicycle Institute in Portland Oregon.    I have to say it was a tough school for an old brain.   But fun it was.   And just a next step in understanding bicycles.  Great school.  Thanks to my niece Angie for housing me in Portland for the time.   And to my wife MichelIe, thank you for giving me the time away.  I passed the school and am now a Certified Bicycle Technician.   Wow dude!

UBI School

The young fellow, come on now you know who that would be, is a professional bike racer and was attending to be able to work on his bikes

After retiring I decided to make my first trip on a bicycle back to Menno, SD for the 4th of July and All Class HS Reunion celebrations. Michelle and I grew up in the area and we still call it home. We both have many friends and family in the area.

My plan was to leave on June 1, 2015 but a few day of delay popped up. But tomm is the start of the trip. 950 miles is the distance. So please check the blog daily as I hope to post stories and pics of the trip. There will no doubt be days when no wifi connection will be available for updating this blog. But the intent is to blog this trip.

We had a sendoff party on Sunday with some friends, neighbors, and family.

Surly Disc Trucker bike with panniers

Surly Disc Trucker bike with panniers

The intent is to camp along the way and check into motels/hotels when the cattle, horses, and people start to avoid me because of odor.

Honestly, have you ever seen how lonely and quiet eastern Montana is? I love it.

So let the trip begin.