Left Ryegate about 8 in the morning and was in Roundup by 12:30 that afternoon. Fast ride to Lavina as I followed the river and had a nice tailwind. Stopped at the bar at Lavina to fill my water bottle. A must see if you ever go past this place. Here is a pic of the road and scenery along the Mqusselshell River.

Remember the old movie “Bridge Over the River Kwai”? Looks like the Brits didn’t quite finish this one off.

Bridge over the river "why"

Bridge over the river “why”

A stop at the Bar north of Lavina to fill my water bottle grabs these images:

How did they know I was coming

How did they know I was coming

And my favorite pic:

Cheaper to eat eggs than it is to go fishing?

Cheaper to eat eggs than it is to go fishing?

The trip to Roundup from Lavina was going just fine until the temp got to be 95 degrees. I struggled making the last 7 miles even though it was a flat road. Heat is a power sucker for me. Got to town, found a motel, took a shower (first one in 6 days) and crashed. Walked downtown to grab some food and took these 2 photos.

Too bad but once was a pretty fast little city on the prairie and now is struggling it would appear to me. Main street is about 4 city blocks long and for the most part was boarded up both sides of the street. What once was a booming open pit coal mining community is almost a ghost town.

And now the numbers:

40.47 miles
3:28 minutes time
11.62 avg. speed
31.06 max speed

275 total miles
27:06 minutes total time

3 flying old glorys
2 road fatality crosses
6 road kills
1 diaper toss

Its been fun.