Lot of lightning and thunder about 3 am and then it started to rain.. I got out of bed about 6:30 and my host said you’re not going to like what you see outside. I didn’t. Not a good day for bicycle travel. Raining hard, blowing hard from the direction I was too be heading.

So the day was spent in a motel in Lemmon, SD. It was ok I guess. But after a rest day and now a rain day, I’m anxious to get on the road.

WX forecast looks good for tomorrow so head east I will go. To McIntosh for sure. At 40 miles and a slight wind it should not be a hard one.


Have seen quite a few sheep on this trip. I have decided I like them a lot. They are so friendly. Passive animals I guess you could say. I always try to say something nice to them as they always say byeeeeeee byeeeee to me. So Kind.

Be good, stay tuned

having fun,