Bicycle Trip to High School Reunion

Day: June 15, 2015

Rest Day in Lemmon, SD Day 13

Stayed with warmshowers hosts Travis and Jen. Had a great meal of burgers, asparagus, homemade fried potatoes, salad, and a couple of cold beers when I showed up. What a greeting. And the stay got better. Today I got to tour the city of Lemmon and its attractions. Starting out up the street by the HS with this beautiful steel bucking horse statue by a hometown artist John Lopez

Statue by John Lopez

Statue by John Lopez

And then over to Main street to the Petrified Wood Museum. This museum is run by the city and donations are accecpted but it is free. The wood is all from within a 20 radius of Lemmon.
And I made a friend also. Luna the house dog.
Luna. She was a deserted dog found in a parking lot.

Luna. She was a deserted dog found in a parking lot.

Feeling rested so will pack panniers in the morning, make some peanut butter sammy’s and hope to be on the road early and be in McIntosh in about 5 hours. It is 40 miles but the winds are not in my favor in the morning.

Stay tuned

Bowman, ND to Lemmon, SD Day12

Today’s ride was too be from Bowman to Hettinger, ND.

Got a late start out of Bowman but the tailwind helped me makeup for lost time. Roads were mostly good with low traffic and good shoulders. So enjoyed this a lot. Went thru some nice farming county. June being a wet month here, the grass and wheat are looking good. Stopped at Reeder to rest a little and ended up chatting with Todd who owns Borderline Bar & Grill. It was Sunday so it was not open but Todd wanted to make me a small pizza anyway. What a nice bar and grill. Todd donated a very nice hat and bottles of water for my journey. He does a very good business in the fall when the pheasant hunters are here. Jon S. remember this town. Lots of pheasants and I did notice some good whisky on the shelf. Stop here for sure.
DSCN0327 (1)

And the rest of Reeder main street is a little slow in this town.

Made it the 40 miles in good time. I am a member of If you sign up to be a member and if you are lucky enough to be going through a community with a host you can ask if they have room to put you up for a night. Tent or whatever. When in Bowman I looked at the host cities in SD and found Travis and Jen in Lemmon, SD. I sent them an email and they responded that I was welcome to stay at their residents. But Lemmon was another 24 miles past Hettinger. So I rode into Lemmon, SD. Along the way I crossed into SD

So tomm (as I type today actually) is a rest day. Another of couple tough days ahead. From Lemmon to Mobridge is about 100 miles. I will do it in a 40/60 mile break. Last 10 miles being the toughest as I will be in the Missouri River breaks. You know, up hills, and speed down them.

And now the numbers.

68.04 miles
6 hrs
11.31 avg speed
25.48 max speed

628 total ODO
53.13 seat time

I would appear that I have stopped counting dead stuff on the highways. Hiways are littered in this part of the country with dead pheasants mostly.

Have fun and be safe!

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